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The members' requirements

Logo Accoglienza coi fiocchi

Disciplinary of the "Winery Welcoming Quality"

The Decalogue of Welcoming comes from the need to qualify the tourist offer of the wineries – members of the Wine Tourism Movement, offering a visitor a unique experience to remember and speak about. Quality certification is a "guarantee seal" synonymous with professionalism. The certified wineries are immediately recognized by the clients thanks to the hallmark "Accoglienza coi Fiocchi" (Slap-up Welcome).


Issued by the Wine Tourism Movement and certified by 3A PTA, the Decalogue of Welcoming is a set of requirements that must be guaranteed by all the Association member-companies. The tour of the winery will become the center of the process of rural heritage and will allow tourists to take back its most authentic cultural roots.


At the present moment more than a thousand companies associated with the Wine Tourist Movement are being certified. The wineries that have successfully met the requirements of the Association will get the hallmark of quality certification "Accoglienza coi Fiocchi".


The factors used to define the requirements that each class of wine producing companies must meet are three:

Winery standards - methods – staff



1. Signs conforming the roadway code, located in the vicinity of the winery enabling the visitors to find it easily.
2. A terracotta tile as a distinctive sign which identifies the winery/distillery as a member of the Wine Tourist Movement to be posted at the entrance within a year from the certification audit.
3. A plaque - sign showing the reception data (days and hours) to be affixed at the entrance of the winery within a year from the certification audit.
4. A location for the initial welcome and reception of clients, proportional to the required capacity of the visit (minimum 4 people). 
5. An area equipped for tastings with enough seats proportional to the receptive capacity of visits (minimum 4 people), characterized by a uniform and widespread lighting of adequate intensity. 
6. Shopping area. In case this space is not situated in a separate building,  it is necessary that the stock area is separated from the spaces dedicated to tasting and reception of the clients.
7. An adaguate number of WC areas for visitors conforming the health and hygiene requirements of public and local regulations.
8. Parking lot reserved for tourists designed according to the reception capacity. (car-bus) 
9. Informative material about the company and its products in at least two languages including Italian.
1. Making the first reception hospitable and welcoming, making the guests feel comfortable (serving water and giving the possibility to use WC)
2. Offerring guided tours to the winery and/or vineyards
3. Making available only pre-packaged wines/spirits for visitors.
4. Making available at least one type of tasting glass.
5. Offering a possibility to make a tour of the winery and wine/products tasting on Sunday, pre-holidays, holidays and/or weekends, as well as by appointment.
6. Availability of wine cards or brochures of different wines and spirits produced in the winery enabling the enotourist to know the proposed wines/spirits.
1. The welcoming staff must have a good knowledge of the company, the company's products and their manufacturing process. He/she must also be courteous, professional, available and able to hold a tour of the winery: cellar/distillery as well as to offer wine or other spirits tasting.
2. The welcoming staff must have participated in a wine tasting course and/or a course of winery reception.
3. Employed at the winery the welcoming staff should know viticulture and enology, and possibly the traditions of the territory associated with them.
4. The welcoming staff should speak at least one foreign language.
To get more information on quality certification, please contact:
National Secretariat of the Wine Tourism Movement
Viale Giorgio Lungarotti, 2
06089 - Torgiano (PG)
Tel/Fax  075 9889529