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The MOVINCLUB, The Wine Tourist Club was founded in 2002 by the National Movimento Turismo del Vino and immediately accepted by that of Lombardy.

The members of the Wine Tourist Movement are the wineries, their tenants, who makes the wine. Members of the Movinclub are the wine-lovers, more or less experts, nicely called "enonauts", who like travelling and discovering the exciting world of wine.

The MOVINCLUB of Lombardy, which is part of the Wine Tourist Movement of Lombardy, shares information about the wine culture by means of tasting and conversation meetings, the "Mini travelling" tasting courses, conferences, tasting display cases. There is, of course, the tour to the wineries called "Girocantine/A Tour of the Wineries", which allows the participants of to get to know those who make wine.

The formula of the Movinclub of the Wine Tourist Movement of Lombardy is simple, but effective: learning while having fun!

Learning while having fun but with a serious approach to wine. Our staff is skilled in the art of wine and has big experience in teaching and has obtained some recognised qualifications.

The strengths of the Movinclub of the WTM of Lombardy are:

- Originality of the proposals

- The transmission of knowledge united with enthusiasm and passion

- Interactivity and involvement of participants in the various initiatives by means of practical tests, games and team incentive prizes.

- The participants feel at ease

- The professionalism and competence of the staff

- The proposal of famous wines, but also those which reserve the pleasure of discovery

- The possibility to deal with issues on request

- The possibility to discuss the topics in English and German

- And, at last, big advantage of learning having fun


Follow the Movinclub of the Wine Tourist Movement of Lombardy, participate in numerous events ... and you will find lots of new friends, all united by the great friend: wine.


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