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The Wine Tourist Movement (WTM) is a nonprofit national association which was founded in 1993. In 1997 the Regional Association was founded which now comprises 89 wineries which believe in the growing importance of the wine tourism and are united by the wish to make this important area more and more qualified and known.

The member companies adhere to the activities of the WTM participating in various initiatives throughout the year and by incorporating some simple but basic rules of hospitality that WTM has given encouraging and improving more and more services as well as wine tourism accommodation and refreshment.

The consolidated appointment on the last Sunday of May is Open Wineries. The Wineries - Members of the Wine Tourist Movement are open to everyone who wants to spend the day surrounded by vineyards and barrels, tasting wine different production areas, guided by the tenants who are happy to introduce the world of wine to experts and amateurs. The winery is not just the place where the wine is aged before arriving in our glasses, but it has become a meeting place for wine-lovers of all ages, eager to explore the finished product, discovering how much effort and how much passion is hidden behind every bottle. Besides the role of those who has been living for generations in the winery has changed: not only tenants but real wine experts, able to find the right words to tell more of the long history that each wine can tell play an important role in the winery.

We have noticed a continuous growth of public participation: now reconfirmed the constant presence from year to year over a hundred thousand steps in 2010. Since 2005, moreover, there was a specific request by the public visiting the wineries: they would like to have tasting more detailed and accompanied be the tasting of the local products, to learn the traditions connected with the seasons and the recipes of Lombardy. From here, following the Open Wineries initiatives in 2005 there were organised "Lunch or Dinner with the Grower" and "Winery of the Good Rest" and now, these tourist services are offered 365 days a year, adding a third tourist service: "The Wineries of Well-Eating".

Following the calendar, on the 10th of August, the week that follows and on the night of San Lorenzo the event "Calici di Stelle/Goblets of Stars" is organised mainly in the areas of tourist attraction: the lakes of Lombardy and in some places in Liguria, a three-year-long cooperation with the wineries of Liguria.

The September event is "Benvenuta Vendemmia" (Welcome Harvest). It was organised for the first time in 1997 by the region of Lombardy, in response to a specific request from visitors of Open Wineries: to live and share the unique atmosphere of the harvest. After Lombardy the regions of Puglia, Lazio and Liguria have also taken this initiative. Although wine producers are very reluctant to open their wineries at this sensitive time, the success of the past three years has led to an awareness of the importance of this effort.The organization is similar to that of Open Wineries: opening of the wineries from 10:00 till 18:00, wine and local products tasting, and of course "Lunches and/or Dinners with the Grower". In past editions, it has got to find that Welcome Harvest is expected and frequented by a particular audience: families with children. Therefore there were organized recreational and educational activities and drawings or photos contests for small guests.

"San Martino in the Winery” and Christmas in the Winery”: these events were orginised following a strong demand of the visitors and in 2011 there was its seventh edition: the Wine Tourist Movement has always paid attention to the involvement of different audiences to this event and aims to raise the interest of young people.

The last but not the least in the calendar "Christmas in the Winery” in its third edition, dated December 11, also responds the constant demand of the public.

In 2007 The Enonautic Club was founded, "a prize" for all wine-lovers of the world who regularly follow the initiatives of the Wine Tourist Movement of Lombardy to be "abreast throughout the year"!




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